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The black Easydry disposable eco-towel, is designed for mid to long hair and it is the ideal salon hair towel.


At 80 cm x 43 cm, it is a brilliant all-round hairdressing towel suitable for multiple uses, but it is especially good for colour services and technical services. You will only need one Easydry disposable towel to dry and wrap or turban any length of hair.


The black colour used is non-toxic, non-hazardous and harmless to aquatic life.


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Pack of 50 towels

78 cents

Box of 100 towels

63 cents

Box of 900 towels

39 cents


Eco-friendly towels - 100% biodegradable and recyclable!


Get started with Easydry today! 

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  • 5
    What a relief there's Easydry!

    Posted by Gary, Wildlife Hair on 23rd Mar 2010

    The real impact of Easydry towels goes well beyond the obvious environmental benefits. It has done away with one of the more mundane and time consuming tasks done by our apprentices. It means they are more motivated and available to get more involved in contributing to the salon.

  • 5
    A fantastic product with so many advantages!

    Posted by David Ross-Fuller, Glamazon on 23rd Mar 2010

    With one product delivering so many advantages I don’t know how any forward thinking salon could not use easydry. After using easydry towels for the past six months it is hard to imagine returning to “last century methods” of washing and drying! Easydry is more hygienic & convenient, it’s that simple. It frees up apprentices for hairdressing rather than cleaning, isn’t that what we want? It enables our salon to save on our water and power consumption thus helping us do our little bit for the environment.

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