Easydry 100% Compostable Long Black Gown

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Easydry is delighted to announce the launch of its latest innovation – the Easydry Long, Black, 100% Compostable, Colour-Resistant, Disposable Gown! As part of the Easydry 15-year global anniversary celebrations, we are delighted announce that we have an exciting new product - the Easydry 100% Compostable Long Black Gown! We believe that there will be an expectation and need for hygienic, eco-friendly, disposable gowns in all salons and barbers for the foreseeable future.


Easydry 100% Compostable Long Black Gown – features and benefits:


  • Made from an innovative, silky, colour-resistant, water-resistant fabric.
  • The material is very soft and sits well on the client – giving them a comfortable and hygienic salon experience.  Some salons have remarked that their clients find it to be more comfortable and not as hot as a fabric gown or a plastic gown or poncho.
  • Full-length black gown, providing protection for the guest and the stylist.
  • For any service – all that is needed 1 Easydry gown and 1 towel!
  • The gown is 100% compostable and OK Compost certified.
  • Packed in bags of 30 with 10 bags per carton = 300 gowns per outer carton.


Easydry 100% Compostable Long Black Gown – Client Feedback:


Jo Anderson said: “The Easydry 100% compostable long black gowns are amazing - they look good and feel great on the clients, as well as being compostable.”